• Dejanique Rosa

Nail Care

I know some people have issues with maintaining a strong nail. Constantly getting Acrylic nails is NOT the answer . That actually damages and weaken the nail more . For extremely weak nails , I suggest taking Biotin pills to help strengthen the nail and follow some of these important tips .

- Wearing nail polish is fine , but when using nail polish remover try to stick with only acetone free products .

- Your cuticle is and important part of your nail , so try to keep it moisturized with an cuticle oil.

- Keep nails at a low trim to avoid breaking and snagging . Also to avoid bacteria from getting underneath the nail. A light buff wont hurt for those who tend to get ridges.

- Small things like constantly washing dishes can damage even strong nails because it causes dryness , so wearing gloves is always a option .

-Try to keep it simple and just get a manicure with regular polish . Be aware there's a small risk of skin cancer from the UV light that affixes solar nails .

I hope this helps !

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