Tonetta Norman, Bronx born and                                                 raised has since become a Harlem-                                              nite, home of the Hustler. As a single                                            mother of 3, she understands the                                                    struggle it takes to push through in                                                the darkest hour and makes it look                                                easy. Naturally a people's person who                                          is extremely extroverted, it's a no-                                                  brainer that she's always excels as a                                              sales rep. With a Colgate smile and                                               bright personality she is a top seller where ever she's employed. Tonetta has worked as a Sales Rep for over 20+ years and loves and feels rewarded when helping Customers/potential customers. Always ambitious Tonetta manages to multi-task effortlessly as she wears multiple hats; mother, student, employee, sales rep, and aspiring business owner. Tonetta has also tapped into the world of acting on the hit web series "Nightlife," with two seasons under her belt in the role of "Keisha." Which can be seen on YouTube.


 For the past 18 months she's been a diligent student at NYC Mildred Elley marjoring in nursing. However, in 2018 she will start anew switching majors from Nursing to Business Health Management which will allow her to deal with the management of a hospital as well as running her own business. In addition to her already full plate she has been toying with an idea for quite some time. With a keen eye for trendy fashion Tonetta has also been working on a t-shirt and apparel line. With 24 hours in a day Tonetta manages to find time to flourish immensely in all areas with a strict schedule and attention to detail for success. 

Adding to her resume Tonetta has recently become a Lead Sales Rep  of both Dope Hair,(an amazing product for all hair types) and The Redd Collection, (waist trainers to smooth curves to perfection.) As a customer of both products Tonetta is truly excited about the possibilities of soaring with the both brands and bringing the products awareness to new heights.